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To help your child succeed in school, In Harmony Pediatric Therapy is a certified provider of the Fast ForWord™ family of programs.

What is Fast ForWord™?

Developed by Scientific Learning Corporation, Fast ForWord is a series of computer-delivered brain fitness exercises designed to produce dramatic language and reading improvements in a variety of student populations by improving memory, attention and processing skills. When students process more efficientl, every other instructional strategy works better. Studies have shown that the Fast ForWord exercises can quickly move students toward grade level in the skills essential to learning to read, helping them achieve 1-2 year gains in 8-12 weeks.  In addition to the measurable gains in language, anecdotal evidence suggests that children who have completed the Fast ForWord Language program are better able to interact with parents, teachers and peers.

Fast ForWord Language V2 (the initial program in the series) develops the following foundational learning skills:

  • Listening Accuracy
  • Auditory Sequencing
  • Phonological Accuracy
  • Phonological Fluency
  • Auditory Word Recognition
  • Listening Comprehension

Fast ForWord Language to Reading V2 (the second program in the series) also focuses on helping participants make the link between spoken words and reading by building the following skills:

  • Advanced Listening Accuracy
  • Advanced Auditory Sequencing
  • Word Analysis
  • Listening Comprehension
  • English Language Conventions
  • Following Directions

In Harmony Pediatric Therapy also offers the Fast ForWord Literacy series and Reading series.

Is Fast ForWord™ the right program for my child?

Does your child…

  • Misunderstand what you say?
  • Request that information be repeated?
  • Give slow or delayed responses?
  • Use only a few descriptive words when speaking?
  • Seem reluctant to engage in conversations?
  • Have difficulty reconstructing a story in its appropriate order?

In school, does your child…

  • Have difficulty remembering/following oral instructions?
  • Not remember the question when called upon in class?
  • Have difficulty with ambiguous language or idioms?
  • Have difficulty with phonics, reading or spelling?
  • Have unexplained behavior problems?

If you answered yes, to any of these questions, Fast ForWord™ may be an appropriate program for your child.

What kinds of changes might you see after your child starts working on Fast ForWord products?

  • Increased self-esteem
  • A new excitement towards learning
  • Better listening and communication skills
  • Improved ability to follow directions
  • Improved reading abilities
  • Better academic performance

Fast ForWord® Parent Testimonial

My 8 year old son has had difficulty in school since his first days of pre-school.   Towards the end of kindergarten he was diagnosed with a developmental delay which led us to seek speech-language therapy.

His therapist recommended the “Fast ForWord” program as a learning tool.  The program enabled him to cover many areas of weakness including letter sounds, blending, and sequencing before building up to a starter reading program incorporating comprehension.

We saw a dramatic difference in his schoolwork, and communication skills.  The Fast ForWord® program allowed him to work on many different skills at once and then allowed his speech therapist to build on those basic skills to further close his gap.  After the program was completed he scored much higher on language tests, but more importantly his self esteem and confidence is much greater!   

Angela S., Canton, GA


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