In 2012 we were so excited to design and relocate to an 8000 sq.ft office space to fit our growing needs.

Our new space includes:

  • A large sensory gym which is equipped with a frog swing, platform swing, bolster swing, jump & play island, monkey bars, trapeze, games and much more.
  • A small sensory gym which is equipped with a slide, climbing structure, scooter board and slide, and much more.
  • A physical therapy gym including adaptive bikes, treadmill, stairs, slide, parallel bars, activity balls, Nintendo Wii and much more.
  • 4 Music Therapy rooms
  • 4 Speech Therapy rooms
  • A large room for music classes and group activities
  • An evaluation room
  • A large “track” that encircles our space which is perfect  for our client’s working on adaptive bikes, scooter boards, etc. to work on their gross motor skills.
  • A fine motor room to work on handwriting, keyboard skills, zippering, buttoning, etc.

Check out our facility in action Below!