Therapeutic Listening

What is therapeutic listening?
Therapeutic listening is a structured program of auditory training to spectrally modified music that is individually selected for each client. Your occupational therapist or music therapist will evaluate your child to determine if your child would benefit from a modified music program and which type of music could be the most beneficial. Although a trial with an auditory program will be completed by the therapist in the treatment session, the greatest benefits from auditory stimulation is seen with carryover of programming in the home or school environment by the child’s caregivers.

How does therapeutic listening work?
The music stimulates the central nervous system and autonomic nervous system by way of the muscles of the middle ear. The auditory system provides the foundation for the organization of all other senses so that selective attention can occur.

How long will my child need to use therapeutic listening?
The greater the degree of difficulties with modulation or sensory sensitivities, the longer a client will remain on modulated music. A child may remain on a therapeutic listening program for 6-8 months total but the minimal time is 12 weeks.

How do I know the program is working?
You will see changes in function or targeted behaviors. Your OT or MT will help you to identify these improvements.

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