What are Theratogs™?

TheraTogs™ vests and shorts are made from a patented, proprietary material with an inner foam layer that grips the skin and the underlying soft tissues, and a Velcro®-sensitive outer layer to which clinicians can affix elastic strapping, the “external muscle” of the system. The material is comfortable and breathable, and the typical TheraTogs™ configuration is worn under normal clothing.

TheraTogs™ apply prolonged, low-load (gentle) forces to the musculoskeletal system to effect changes in muscle recruitment strategies, and, with full-time use, in muscle physiology and bone geometry.

To gain optimum posture and function, thousands or repetitions of movements must occur in optimum alignment. TheraTogs™ accomplishes this by wrapping the torso in a Velcro-sensitive garment that serves as a ‘strapping field,’ allowing the clinician or caregiver to attach straps that work like external muscles to improve postural alignment and stability, and potentially address a wide variety of functional alignment and movement issues.

For example, for a client with scapular hypermobility or simple, mild shoulder subluxation, specific stretch straps are locked into place with Velcro® tabs, providing external force vectors to correct scapular, shoulder, elbow and forearm alignment.

For sensory integration/sensory processing applications:
A snugly-fit TheraTogs™ system provides the wearer with gentle, consistent proprioceptive and deep pressure input – a ‘wearable hug’ worn discreetly under clothing.

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